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Established in 1976

Luc’s Roofing is a family-owned roofing company in Toronto. Started as a sole proprietorship, it later grew into a corporation and in total has now been in business for over 45 years. Since the beginning, our aim has always been to ensure that every customer has the security of a job well done. That’s why we stress superior products, superior workmanship and superior service. Our motto, “We’ve Got Your Peace of Mind Covered,” guides all our activities and we work to live up to it.

Because of our many years of experience as a Roofing Contractor in Toronto, we routinely handle even the most difficult and complex jobs. We refer to our workers as artisans because they are often praised for the skill they exhibit and the beauty of their work.

We realize your home is part of your life, so we try to treat it like a member of the family. We recommend whatever is needed to upgrade and beautify it as well as to make it secure against the elements.

We work to maintain a top-notch team and to provide superlative service. And that’s what we offer you! Plus, our pricing is competitive with other companies offering a similarly high service level and high-quality products.

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I recommend Luc’s Roofing Ltd. I had to replace shingles on my roof. I contacted 5 roofing companies. Only three of them submitted an estimate.

Only Ben from Luc’s Roofing climbed a ladder and looked at the roof before submitting an estimate. A representative from a well-known roofing company stayed on the sidewalk and did not bother to inspect the roof.

I asked this individual why he did not go on the roof. His answer was that he did not need to do that. I chose Luc’s Roofing and I am glad that I did. Ben and his team did the work. They were extremely professional. They removed shingles and put new ones.

As you know, replacing shingles can be messy which was not the case with Luc’s Roofing. Please do not hesitate to contact Luc’s roofing for an estimate and you won’t regret hiring this company.”

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