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Thank you for your interest in our roofing services. At Luc’s Roofing, we specialize in full roof replacement or single-slope roof replacement. We do repairs too but only if we can guarantee the work, however, we do not offer other roof-related work such as eavestrough, soffit replacement, and masonry work.

When we estimate your roof, one thing you should know is that estimating roofing work requires time. Not only will we be driving to your home through Toronto’s unpredictable traffic but also we can’t predict how long each estimate will take. There are many details to inspect, and you may have questions. For these reasons, we will need an open schedule from you for either morning or afternoon.

Prior to our arrival, we will call to let you know we are on our way and make sure you’re home. Estimating requires a give and take of information. We will have questions for you and undoubtedly you’ll have some for us. So we only do estimates when the customer is home.

Please let me know on what days you’re available and during what time slot (morning or afternoon). We will confirm when we are coming either by email or phone.

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